Tax Manager

Rakhmad Hidayat, SE, BKP


Diploma III (D-III) :

Accounting Specialist, Univercity of STAN (2009).

Diploma IV (D-IV/S1) :

Accounting,  University of
Satya Negara, in Jakarta (2011).

Length of work

12 th

Tax Officer
(KPP Pratama)

4 th

Account Representative
(KPP Madya jakarta)

7 th

Tax Manager
(PT. IGTax Ekuseru Indonesia)

Work Experience

2000 - 2012

As a Tax Officer at KPP Pratama

2013 - 2017

As an Account Representative (AR) at KPP Madya in Jakarta

2017 - Present

As Tax Manager at PT IGTax Ekuseru Indonesia in Jakarta

Professional License

Tax Consultant Certification B

Tax Consultant Certification A