Customs Services

With the growing scope and operations of businesses, especially in meeting the needs of both domestic and international markets in customs-related affairs, and in line with the basic needs for decision making by corporate executives, we and our customs experts have developed services which are useful to directors as a basis for planning and evaluating the company’s performance, particularly the swift and precise performance in the field of importation and exportation.

In order to realize our commitment to the development of the business world, we create a unified customs service in order to offer an effective solution for our clients.

In implementing this work, the Customs Division is responsible for a series of activities including:
  1. Bridging operations with third-party companies, e.g. Customs Services Management Companies (PPJK)
  2. Recording and maintenance of administrative control of KITE (Import Facility for Export Purpose) and/or other customs facilities such as BMDTP (Government-Borne Import Duty) facility, importation exemption, refund of all state levies on import
  3. Research on the implementation of the goods classification system and the customs value.

For customs purposes, we also conduct research and analysis on the fulfillment of the customs rights and obligations by clients within a certain period, as well as designing and identifying potential customs expenses and the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of export and import activities.

This plan can be used as an early preparation for dealing with the possibility of customs clearance. Companies need to anticipate this by reconstructing the books and supporting documents by considering the customs provisions. This readiness can minimize errors and sanctions under the Customs Act.

The Customs Division provides the following services:
  • Procedures for importation and exportation activities
  • Operational Control Line; Red, Yellow and Green
  • Customs audit either periodic, regular or occasional
  • Implementation of KITE (Import Facility for Export Purpose) and/or other customs facilities
  • Customs appeal assistance.