Accounting Services

The increasing complexity of business accounting requires a fundamental instrument for decision making by corporate executives.

In line with the needs of clients in the areas of financial data and information, we have developed useful accounting services for directors as a basis for planning and evaluating the company’s performance, for taxation purpose, as well as for administrative preparation in the context of partnership banking, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

In order to realize the commitment to the development of the business world, we create integrated accounting services to provide effective solutions for companies with the latest computerized programs specifically designed to accommodate the following issues:

  • Tax purposes
  • Improvement of business performance
  • Basis of banking partnership/business

Through the aforementioned endeavors, our Accounting Division is responsible for a series of activities, including:

  • Evidence of cash and bank inventory
  • Recording to the journal
  • Research on non-cash and bank transactions, such as depreciation of fixed assets, accrued expenses and prepaid expenses

By utilizing this service pack, the client can cut administrative costs and reduce clerical work of the company. Practical experience so far reveals that as a result of competitive and moderate prices, clients are able to enjoy services with widespread benefits.

For tax purposes, we undertake research and analyze the fulfillment of rights and obligations of the client within a specific period.

This is designed in order to identify potential tax burdens and opportunities to improve tax effectiveness.

This plan can be used as an early preparation to deal with the possibility of tax audits. Companies need to anticipate this by reconstructing the books and supporting documents by considering tax regulations. This readiness can minimize errors and taxation penalties.

The Accounting Division provides the following services:

  • Accounting compilation
  • Financial report
  • Accounting system
  • Due diligence
  • Auditing
  • Feasibility study
  • Training

General Bookkeeping

Prepare ledger (general ledger) of business transactions on Accrual Basis or Cash Basis in accordance with the principle of obedience, consistent and prevalent, up to the balance sheet period.

Accounting Assistance and Supervision

Provide supervision and assistance in the field of accounting in accordance with Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards.

Accounting and Administration System

Compile system administration and accounting procedures according to the type of business and management policies to be applied by the company.

Financial Audit

Prepare a company’s financial statements in accordance with Financial Audit Standards in a transaction period independent of the accountant’s opinion.